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The nutritiontable provides a wealth of information on thousands of food products and we're adding new ones on a weekly basis.

Among the information provided is the number of calories (kcal and kJoule), the amount of water, proteins, fats (divides into saturated and unsaturated), cholesterol, carbohydrates, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

Emotional and health values

The columns emotional and health value give an indication of how consumers perceive certain products, as well as the emotional value he attaches to them. The results are based on representative random samples. About 1200 people participated in this research.

The food nutrition table

By clicking on a product in the food nutrition table, detailed information is displayed. The overview not only includes nutrient values, but also vitamins and minerals. For more information on how to use the table, please click on the ‘How to use the table’ button

Food and nutrients

You will be surprised to learn that fatty fish is not as fat as you might think. It contains significantly less fat than minced meat for instance. And did you know that vegetables and fruit are important sources of vitamins and antioxidants and that meat and cheese are great sources of proteins? If you want to provide your body all the nutrients it needs in order to stay healthy and fit, you should at least have some basic knowledge about food and its nutritional value. Foodnutritiontable.com is your best guide to building a meal plan that’s good for you!


On this website you’ll find several interesting calculators, for instance to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), the amount of calories you consume during physical activities, or even the alcohol level (blood alcohol) after a night on the town…..

Background information

Check out the ‘What’s what’ section for crucial insight on all of the different nutrients and valuable background information, developed and compiled by the initiator of this website, Frans M. de Jong, who has over more than 30 years of experience in food analysis. Frans and his team wish you good health and lots of fun achieving it!!

Latest news

Are we eating nanofoods already?

Published: 02-05-2013

After fast food, slow food, gentech food we now also have nanofoods. This means that nanotechnology has been used during the production or packaging of food. In science we use the prefix nano to point out a certain size. Nanoparticles are particle  Read more


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