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Nutritiontable.com was developed and compiled by The Good Taste Guardian BV under the management of Frans M. de Jong.

Let me introduce myself.

After graduating in Food Technology at HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences, some college friends and I founded Biochem, a consultancy company and food laboratory. Biochem carried out food research and offered advice on quality, hygiene and processing technology in the food industry. I was owner and CEO of Biochem Food for over 22 years, during the course of which the company became one of the biggest research labs in the Netherlands. We had a great track record in food research for all major food companies and retailers in the Netherlands.

I started writing books in the millennium year 2000 and made my début with ‘Chemistry about cooking’ in 2003. My first book provided clear and simple answers to questions such as: What makes pasta sticky? Why does milk burn so easily? How can stale bread be revived? The book also provides insight into processes that take place before, during and after food preparation and cooking.

My second book, ‘Our Food’, was published in 2008. It’s an extensive reference work of 560 pages on the chemistry, biology and production of food, illustrated by three questions: what’s in it, how is it made and how does it affect us? The book was written and drawn up in such a way that it was accessible for the average consumer. As people are further and further removed from food production, they are becoming more curious and at the same time worried about quality issues and food safety problems such as swine fever, dioxin, BSE and bird flu.

The success of my book encouraged me to gather my knowledge on food value and share it with the public in this website, as well as in a book in tabular form: ‘Our Food in Numbers’.

The Food Nutrition table has been compiled with the utmost care from national and international records, own research and data provided by food manufacturers. This website was created in cooperation with IT company Seoptics (www.seoptics.com), which is responsible for the programming and design of this website. If you like it, please tell your family and friends about it!

Kind regards from the team of foodnutritiontable.com.

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