In this overview you see the top 10 healthiest foods per product category. The values in this list were determined by representative quantitative market research conducted among twelve hundred consumers. This research value is reflected in the values behind the product. The first number indicates the health value of a product, the number in brackets the emotional value.

Healthiest alcoholic beverages

Healthiest beverages

Healthiest bread and bread products

Healthiest cakes and pastries

Healthiest cereals

Healthiest cheese

Healthiest confectionery

Healthiest convenience foods

Healthiest desserts

Healthiest eggs and egg products

Healthiest fish and fish products

Healthiest fruit

Healthiest grains

Healthiest herbs and spices

Celery, raw Celery, raw
Healthy (emotional)
Celery, raw8,4 (7,1)
Garlic, raw8,3 (7,8)
Parsley, raw8,2 (7,9)
Chive, fresh8,0 (7,5)
Celery leaves7,9 (7,0)
Parsley, dried7,6 (7,4)
Basil, fresh7,6 (7,4)
Ginger root, raw7,3 (6,0)
Oregano, dried7,1 (7,1)
Rosemary, dried6,9 (6,6)

Healthy (emotional)

Healthiest meat

Healthiest meat substitutes

Healthiest meats and sausages

Healthiest milk and milk products

Healthiest miscellaneous

Healthiest nuts and seeds

Healthiest oils and fats

Olive oil Olive oil
Healthy (emotional)
Olive oil8,3 (8,1)
Sunflower oil7,2 (7,4)
Almond oil7,1 (5,8)
Soy oil7,0 (5,6)
Rapeseed oil6,9 (5,3)
Linseed oil6,9 (5,3)
Butter, light6,9 (7,0)
Walnut oil6,8 (5,9)
Cod-liver oil6,8 (3,6)

Healthiest potatoes and potato products

Healthiest savory snacks

Healthiest seafood

Healthiest soups and sauces

Healthiest vegetables and legumes