The Chemistry of Grilling

In the barbecue, the meat is placed over an open heat source, such as glowing coals, a gas flame or an electric grill. The heat is transmitted by radi...  Read more


Washing your hands

Hygiene starts with washing your hands. As children we were taught by our parents that we should wash our hands: before eating, after going to the toi...  Read more


The Chef vs. the Factory Cook

Most food producers started small. The success of the product made it necessary to leave the shed behind the house for a real production site. A probl...  Read more


No mayonnaise without eggs

One of the characteristics of the egg is the emulsifying ability of the yolk. An emulsifier makes it possible to mix naturally immiscible liquids with...  Read more


The Secret of Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices have probably been the subject of more nonsense than any other food ingredient. Herbs and spices are usually mentioned in the same br...  Read more


Are we eating nanofoods already?

After fast food, slow food, gentech food we now also have nanofoods. This means that nanotechnology has been used during the production or packaging o...  Read more


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